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The Spanish Riding School in Vienna is the only institution in the world which has practiced for nearly 450 years and continues to cultivate classical equitation in the Renaissance tradition of the haute école.

The objective of classical equitation is to study the way the horse naturally moves and to cultivate the highest levels of haute école elegance the horse is capable of through systematic training. The result creates an unparalleled harmony between rider and horse, as only Vienna’s Spanish Riding School achieves.

Erleben Sie eine besonders prachtvolle Vorführung des weltberühmten Balletts der weißen Hengste! Im Rahmen dieser besonderen Galavorführung zeigen die Bereiter und ihre Lipizzaner ihr gesamtes Repertoire:

In “All steps and movements”, each stallion and his rider will show an individual programme, embedded in a harmonious group presentation. Vienna Spanish Riding School You will also get to see all steps and movements of the High School in “Work on the long rein”, a particularly difficult exercise as the rider is walking directly behind the horse instead of sitting on its back and is only giving aids to the horse via the reins, his voice and the whip. The complete symmetry and harmony of two horses can be experienced during the “Pas de Deux”, in which the riders have to execute their movements synchronously. “Work in hand” is the build-up for the famous “Schools above the ground”, during which the riders and their Lipizzaners will show the exercises Levade, Capriole and Courbette. By having the riders teach the horses in hand, the horses are given the opportunity to perfect the jump without the additional weight of the rider. The so-called School jumps will then be shown in perfection during the “Schools above the ground” with the rider on horseback. During the jumps the riders do not use stirrups in order to intensify their connection with the horse and to deepen their seat. A special highlight of the performance will be the solo presentation of a stallion being ridden on the curb bit only. Horse and rider will present all steps and movements of the High School in a harmonious kur.

Wien Spanische Hofreitschule  The grand finale of each performance will be the famous “Schoolquadrillle”, a strictly synchronized choreography that always features eight white stallions.

This gala performance encompasses the same exercises and variety of lections that can be seen when the Spanish Riding School goes on tour. Duration approx. 80 min. The gala performance will include live-commentary in both English and German.

July 02 2016


Date: July 2, 2016
Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm